Monday, 24 November 2014

Why Should You Attest Your Certificate Before You Travel Abroad?

If you are travelling to abroad for the purpose of study, work or migrate with your family, you will need to submit a certificates for the visa process.

Why asking Attestation?

Certificate Attestation is necessary for some Foreign countries like UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi, Bahrain etc. If you are join for a government job or if you are join for a professional jobs like MBBS, engineering or any other job you need to attest your certificates. Document verification is mandatory for all visa purpose. If you don't have your certificate attested there is big chance for losing a good job that you have been offered.

Attestation Procedures?

Attestation mainly focus on three steps. there are,


HRD-Human Resource Department also known as HOME Department Attestation is the initial step of every attestation process. It is done from the respective states, from which you have completed the studies. The HRD attestation process has got different names in different states of India like Norka attestation in Kerala.


The next step is MEA attestation or Ministry of External Affairs. This has to be done from New Delhi.


After finishing the HRD, MEA attestation process the next step is Embassy attestation. If the certificate holder plan to go abroad for the job or higher education purpose,  his/her certificate have to be attested by that countries Embassy or consulate in India.

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Certificate Attestation Procedure for U.A.E

If a person planning to go to foreign countries for doing higher studies or jobs then comes the necessity of certificate attestation.

 Need of certificate attestation

Some of the foreign countries like United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia (KSA) etc. had made it clear that for doing jobs or higher studies, certificate verification is essential. Document verification proves the originality of your documents. If you don't have your certificate verified there is a big chance for losing a good job that you have been offered. So make sure that you attest your documents.

The certificate verification procedure for U.A.E includes 
 1. Notary Public

Notary is the first step which is done before other verification. This is the preliminary procedure of document authentication. The notarization means certificates are legalized for further verification. Notary attestation is helpful for doing home department attestation, MEA attestation and Embassy attestation. 

2. Home Department Attestation

After notary attestation do the home department attestation. The home department attestation have different names in different states. Such as norka, HRD, GAD etc. But the document verification procedure is same for all states. The home department attestation is also known as HRD(Human Resource Development Department) attestation. This is done by the respective state of the candidate.

3. Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) from New Delhi

The next step is the MEA attestation. This must be done in New Delhi. Candidates can not directly apply for MEA attestation instead they have to get the help of any attestation agency to do the same.

4. U.A.E Embassy or U.A.E Consulate Authentication

Final step is the embassy attestation. The state and MEA attested certificate is needed for embassy attestation. Same as MEA attestation, the candidate can not directly apply for embassy attestation instead it can be done with the help of any attestation agency.


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