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Certificate Attestation | HRD | MEA | Embassy Attestation

Certificate attestation process could be time consuming and complicated, if you are not aware about the procedure. It may be a wrong step to handover the documents to the fake or unauthorized agency. Muble Solutions offers certificate authentication services  all over India. Also provides online tracking facility to its client. Client can check the status of his/her documents online at any time in anywhere.

Complete Details of certificate attestation

                                                                                                                                                                            If you are travelling to abroad for the purpose of study, work or migrate with your family, you will need to submit a certificates for the visa process.
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Thursday, 21 January 2016

There are few things you need to know before you go to Dubai

Travelling to Dubai is an amazing experience from every point of view. For a job seeker's its a good opening for his/her career, because the facility wise,work environment wise dubai is the best city in UAE.

General Information

If you are travelling to dubai for your job or higher education purpose you should bothered in Certificate attestation process.  You always confused about What is Certificate Attestation?
Certificate attestation is the process to certify the genuinity of the certificates from its concerned department for the purpose of employment or higher education in abroad.
Certificates are two type
 a) Educational Certificates
 b) Non Educational Certificates

Why certificate verification necessary?

Certificate attestation is mandatory for getting employment visa in foreign countries like dubai. The attestation procedure and duration varies from time to time depending upon the rules as assigned in India.
The purpose of attestation is given below.

Educational Certificates
  a) To obtain an employment visa
  b) higher education in a foreign country
  c) To get the equivalent certificates etc..

Non Educational Certificates
  a) To obtain residence visa for wife, children
  b) Power of Attorney etc..

Various steps in  document verification for Dubai?

  a) Home Department (Concerned State)
  b) Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)
  c) UAE Embassy (New Delhi)

I hope this information would help you get your documents attested in a simple way. Thank you for reading this blog.
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Certificate Attestation Delhi

Certificate attestation from Delhi have vital role in attestation process. Delhi(capital of India) is an important administrative unit of government of India. Most of the major ministries of Indian government are situated in Delhi. So it is having prime importance in the legalization sector.

Certificate attestation is a process which legalize a document and prove authenticity to that. The Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA) and many embassies are situated in Delhi. Generally the certificate verification process includes hrd attestation, mea attestation and finally embassy attestation. 

1. HRD Attestation

The hrd attestation stands for Human Resource Development Department(HRD) attestation. HRD attestation is done from the respective states from which we take our certificates. Each state have its own hrd attestation department.

2. MEA Attestation

MEA stands for Ministry of External Affairs, located at New Delhi. MEA attest all types of documents that are legalized by HRD. The address of the office is as follows.

Ministry of External Affairs, Patiala House, Thilak marg, New Delhi.Telephone: 91-11-23387104  Fax: 91-11-23387281, 23782821 .

3.Embassy Attestation

If a person from India goes abroad for his/her job or studies, documents has to be authenticated by that country's embassy or consulate in India. it is mandatory for them to attest their documents in respective nation embassy or consulate in India. To get embassy or consulate attestation the document has to be attested by Human Resource Development Department (HRD) and Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

Urogulf offers all types of certificate attestation services from departments like Notary, State Home Ministry, HRD, GAD, SDM, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Embassy, Consulate.

The certificate attestation process is simple when we understand the procedure of attestation process. I hope this information would help you get your documents attested in a simple way. Thank you for reading this blog. 

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