Friday, 4 May 2018

Relation Between Authentications, Attestations and Verification :

The Proper Authentication, Verification and Attestation procedures are interconnected or related to each other. So it is very important to complete each process on the certificates in a proper order. We have to do all these process and its related process to complete the proper authentication formalities from the concerned authorised departments. The Authentication process starts from the place or state or country, from where the certificate was issued.

Authentication reconfirms the authenticity of the Certificates as well as the Certificate holder. HRD, MEA, GAD, Home Ministry Attestations have to be done only once on the Certificates and this is valid for the whole life. Again, the Embassy or Consulate Attestation is also required only once on a certificate and this also has a lifelong validity for that specific country.

The process of Authentications and Verifications is time consuming and a little expensive too. This is because, we have to start the process from the specific University or Department from where the document is issued and complete all the formalities as per the requirements of all the authorities like Foreign Ministry, Foreign Embassy, Education Ministry, Home Ministry, Universities etc...We have to pay the fees and charges of each department like HRD, MEA, University or Board Verification, Home ministry, Embassy or Consulate addition to the travelling and other related expenses to complete the whole authentication process.

The Authentication on your certificates provides its own value for you and your certificates. So it is wise to avoid any Fake Authentication, Attestation and Verification process or stamp and seal on your original Certificates. The Fake Authentication, Attestation and Verification on your Original Certificate can send you to Jail and it may also cause loss of your career, name, fame, money, job and much more....

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