Sunday, 29 April 2018

Why Certificate Attestation ?

Life is journey where we all are travellers. Travel can be within or outside country. When we do abroad travel, we are bound to full fill the law of the country towhere we travel. All certificates form one country will be valuable at other countrywith the authentication of law entities of that country and the other country embassy.

Attestation Definition:
An act of witnessing certificate by authorised person/department/authorities of universities, Notary, GAD, HRD, MEA, Embassy/Consulate, Foreign Ministry, Indian Embassy or Indian Consulate with their official seal and signature. In simple wordsattestation is an act to prove the equinity of certificate by authorised person.Attestation can be done from through different departments depending upon thenature of the certificates. Few of the departments are as listed below:

1.HRD (Human Resource Development Department)
2.GAD (General Administration Department)
3.SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate)
4.Home Departments
5.Notary( Authorised by govt.)
6.MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)
8.Consulate, Etc

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